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The Greek Australian Professionals Association was established in 1981 by George Liagras, a Greek born engineer residing in Sydney at the time, and Manuel Aroney, then professor of Mathematics at Sydney University to provide a forum for discussion and exchange amongst Sydney's Greek-Australian Professionals. GAPA was the first organisation of its kind in Australia. The Association became incorporated in December 1987 and continues to support the needs of its members today.

Our logo of the ancient Goddess Athena, goddess of wisdom and higher learning, represents GAPA's fostering of the Greek culture and promotion of higher learning in the community. The Greek and Australian flag on either side of the logo represents our community of Greek and Australian professionals.

GAPA provides opportunities for professionals and students of Greek background to meet and to support each other. We achieve these aims through social functions, cultural, educational and media activities.

Our vision is to give back to the community. One way we achieve this is by supporting Modern Greek studies at universities and providing financial assistance to worthy causes and charities. Greek Australian students will find that GAPA can help them in their journey of personal and professional development.

GAPA is a non-profit organisation.

Everyone is welcome to join GAPA.

All Greeks and philhellenes

Professionals from all industry sectors

University graduates